Your eco balance benefits sustainably 

Many of the measures we have at pfenning logistics in place overlap, like taking over responsibility for our staff, the environment and society at large. We believe that economic growth can only be sustainable if social and societal aspects are integrated as well.

Green Freight

In addition to the environmentalISO 14001 certification our company holds, we are also part of “Green Freight Europe”. This is an initiative in which participants, in different ways, promote the reduction of CO2 emissions across Europe.

Measures we ourselves have undertaken for years now are, for example, driver training courses in which pfenning logistics’ professional drivers learn to drive in a fuel-efficient way. In addition, we provide quality management systems covering all our warehousing sites, set up in such a way that logistics processes are evaluated also in respect of ecological outcomes. Our aim: The continual improvement of eco efficiency. 

To ensure the company climate at pfenning logistics is right, we take good care of our most important resource: our staff. Social engagement for us means an optimal workplace environment, continual further educational opportunities and out-of-the-ordinary social benefits such as the pfenning retirement pension.   

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