Contract logistics – Structures and solutions
for your market success

pfenning logistics  is a contract logistics company that has specialized in warehousing, transport and value-added services for retail and industry. 

We have our own network structure on which our services are based  – and this is what makes us special: With our 90 sites, 3,500 staff members and a fleet of 700 trucks we are a medium-sized, owner-run company providing the backbone of our customers’ logistics.  Being a contract logistics service provider we ensure stable merchandise management cycles, an excellent price-performance ratio and outstanding logistics solutions – an important component in market success.

Logistikkompetenz bei pfenning logistics

Within the extremely dynamic market environment of retail logistics we are one of the leading logistics providers in Germany. And there are other sectors that rely on the expertise of pfenning logistics: We operate in the chemical and automotive industries, as well as in the food sector where we have specialised warehouses and appropriate certification conforming to the latest safety and hygiene standards.

In small matters as in very large, we offer our customers high levels of competence backed by 85 years of experience. This is why we have built in 2013, at the Heddesheim company headquarters in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, a unique, Europe-wide logistics center  – multicube rhein-neckar. With its diverse utilization capacity over 20-hectare, this site has opened up fresh new dimensions.

Let’s rather come back to the origins of our story: Company founder, Johann Pfenning, started out as a milk transporter in the 1930s and presumably this has been favorable to our development. Everyone knows that milk makes you grow big and strong!