We practice what we preach

Contract logistics at pfenning is a team effort. Everyone on the team is important to the success of our company.  Just like in football: Scoring a goal makes the customers cheer.   


All that is required is enthusiasm as this leads to inventiveness, flexibility and motivation to achieve great things. Company owner Karl-Martin Pfenning is a daily example of this. Under his leadership at pfenning logistics a working atmosphere has flourished that is absolutely characteristic for this family company. Even nowadays, the whole Pfenning family is engaging for sake of the company group’s success; having different functions wife, two daughters and son-in-law work side by side with all the colleagues within the company.

Family-run pfenning logistics offers people the chance to grow on a personal level through training and qualifications, human resources development and awards for project achievements. At pfenning logistics we provide a variety of measures to create a high life-quality, motivational work environment in which modern, ergonomic workplaces are absolutely the norm.  Trust-based working hours mean management is freed up. And pfenning, retirement pensions take care of security for life beyond the workplace.

Our family company – this means the 3,500 staff members at 90 locations throughout Germany at pfenning logistics.

The result is a kind of togetherness only possible in a well-integrated team where sincerity, reliability, fairness and respect determine daily activity.

What motivates us? We practice what we preach. This means, we get a bit better day by day.