Retail logistics – Fleet

For the differentiated requirements of trade we have the ideal vehicle equipment available. The vehicle mix is determined in close consultation with our customers while our own fleet is largely equipped with insulated dry freight boxes, refrigeration units and tail lifts.

Specialized and regular servicing plus an up-to-date investment policy ensure our customers get high-level flexibility and performance. Exact temperature documentation is indispensable in retail logistics. So vehicles at pfenning logistics are equipped with temperature recorders that, together with digital storage of temperature data in a circular buffer, facilitate a printout of the current temperature at all times. This means our customers are in a position, for instance before shipment, to check that the trailer is pre-cooled and can be loaded with temperature sensitive goods. Alternatively, it is possible via a printout to review the entire temperature plot at the end of each transport journey. Moreover, because of digital storage in the device you are guaranteed to be able to archive the temperature data at a later time. The use of temperature recording devices means that at all times our customers are sure of access to documentation that is both transparent and of excellent quality. 

  • Frozen goods (-32°C to -28°C/-25.6°F to -18.4°F)

  • Meat (0°C to 2°C/32°F to 35.6°F)

  • Dairy products (5°C to 7°C/41°F to 44.6°F)

  • Fruit & vegetables (12°C to 18°C/ 53.6°F to 64.4°F)

  • Chocolate, pastries and similar (15°C to 18°C/59°F to 64.4 °F)

  • Pharma products (15°C to 25°C/59°F to 77°F)