About pfenning logistics

pfenning logistics is an owner-run logistics services provider who has been one of the leading companies in the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region for almost 90 years. With 100 locations all over Germany and 3,700 employees from 60 countries, we are one of the strongest employers among Germany’s medium-sized companies.

90 years logistics competenceOur success has been shaped and actively supported by employees of many years’ standing. Around 50% of our team have been loyal members of the pfenning family for between 10 and 36 years.

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A big employer, a big family – in the logistics, industry, we’re not only one of the leading employers in numbers. As a future member of the company, you’ll also benefit on a personal level from being a member of a big family

The colourful pfenning family

Every family thrives on its variety. Which is why we also need all sorts of talents. Whether you want to join us as a warehouse worker, forklift driver, HGV driver, technical and managerial staff or as a trainee. We will train you, equip you with all the tools you need, and encourage your specific strengths. With passion and competency. We have a place for everyone.

pfenning logistics is looking for warehouse professionals (m/f/d) in the greater Rhine-Neckar area

In the greater Rhine-Neckar area, pfenning logistics is looking for reliable warehouse professionals able to work in a team. Forklift drivers (m/f/d), pickers (m/f/d) and shift supervisors (m/f/d) are required in Hockenheim, Heddesheim and Monsheim. Interested? We look forward to hearing from you!

Get your career going:
at the pfenning academy

Whether trade or commercial, qualified or unqualified, the pfenning academy will get you on your feet. From the initiation into the warehouse to the acquisition of various professional qualifications, there are many specialisations open to you. The further training offer is open to everyone, no ifs or buts.

Have you got the pfenning gene?

Find out if you’d feel at home in your new (work) family.

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pfenning Quiz