Working part-time, the pfenning academy, benefit programme or other supporting programmes are a fixed part of the pfenning added-value programme for its staff. To us, expecting performance also means supporting our employees’ futures and private lives!

Further training is a family matter: the pfenning academy

Whether the forklift licence, picking activities, training in leadership skills, load securing or a course in MS Office – we’ll give you just the right further training and the necessary training. Move your career a big step forward.

Get the qualifications and specifications your job profile requires. Curious? Then have a look at our offer:

Part-time working for full-time mums and dads

As a family company, we know what families need to function well. Which is why we have been able to provide so many part-time workers with a happy home at work. With set working times, the necessary flexibility and good provisions for the future.

Welfare. Support. Encouraging – an (almost) entirely normal family

We care about our employees. Our financial care includes fair pay and securing their futures with the pfenning pension. We also offer them the opportunity to keep developing in their chosen fields. We actively support and encourage anyone and everyone who wishes to progress in their career. A range of sustainable programmes secure jobs and our environment. For the next generation of our pfenning family company.

One employer – lots of benefits

Support in an emergency? the pfenning pension? A matter of course to us. However, our comprehensive staff benefits programme offers much more:

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Safe and profitable. The pfenning pension is based entirely on term and interest rate, so it can be calculated precisely at any time. Unlike with insurance products, with this special kind of company pension, the member of staff is not charged commission or administration costs, and also benefits from a high level of government support. Furthermore, the banking system is entirely flexible. Single payments are possible, as are the suspension or reduction of current contributions. What is also important: the pfenning pension will continue to exist even if the individual’s employment ceases. The system is effectively a “company savings account”, which is to say an employee’s claims will continue to exist even if that employee leaves the company, and will continue to earn interest automatically.

  • Working hours models
  • Annual working hours account
  • Company loan
  • Unpaid leave
  • Occupational safety committee
  • Ergonomic workplace design
  • Working clothes
  • Self-management training
  • Retirement and pension support
  • pfenning academy
  • Status and development meetings
  • Generation of skilled staff through their own professional training
  • Financial support with long-term further development (e.g. qualifying as a master, part-time studying)

New: Family discount

One very special highlight for our staff is the co-operation with a leading event manager. You have the option of obtaining tickets for special concerts, shows, plays and all sorts of other events at extremely favourable pfenning conditions.

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