A company where you're part of the family

Fair dealings with one another, the best prospects and an informal atmosphere are just some of the reason why so many members of our staff have been with the family company for so long and appreciate the pfenning values.

We focus on three core values in our interactions with our colleagues:


pfenning logistics is a family company that is visibly present for every member of staff every day and acts accordingly. Close personal ties, responsibility for and obligations towards each other strengthen the ties that make us so strong. Our colleagues are included in this group as firm members of the pfenning family of long years’ standing. Even with 90 locations, we stick together like families do.


A company’s success often depends on the extent to which its members of staff are willing to accept responsibility for their team, their work and for the company. The staff at pfenning logistics are neither agents nor told what to do. Independent action is both wanted and welcome here.

In return, we are happy to accept responsibility for our staff: with initial and further training, fair remuneration, the provision of an ergonomic workplace to looking after them later in life with the pfenning pension


We believe there has to be a balance between working time and leisure time. We also offer working hours models for the special times in life. Whether you are a single parent or caring for your own parents. Our door is always open to staff issues – and we usually have a ready solution.


Let our pfenning children tell you how these values are lived in every life


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We're part of the family tree

We need lots of bright minds in the logistics industry. Whether an HGV driver, warehouse worker, forklift driver or managerial staff, everyone is a part of our process.

HGV driver

Being an HGV driver is a dream job. Well – it is when you have a front-row seat behind the steering wheel. Which is what pfenning logistics offers drivers all over Germany. Your career prospects in the front-row seat of an HGV at pfenning logistics are excellent: new vehicles? Of course. Great team? Goes without saying. Fair pay? Absolutely. So there are plenty of good reasons why you are better off as an HGV driver with pfenning logistics. Hop in, move up and get going!

Warehouse worker and forklift driver

Warehouse workers and forklift drivers are essential to our company. That is why they have an important position in the pfenning family. Are you reliable and always ready to roll your sleeves up? Are you always safety-conscious and ready to assume responsibility? That pays off here. With fair wages and a safe job with a highly-regarded company.

Technical and managerial staff

As technical or managerial staff at pfenning logistics, you’ll see what having a career with a medium-sized company really means: design freedom. Innovative ideas, inspiring concepts, personality – we look forward to motivated and committed staff.

Training with pfenning logistics: to the top from an early age

We train people. With passion and skill. We provide our trainees with the best possible foundations for their professions. They experience all the processes and divisions within the company, and are able to shape their future careers from a very early stage. This often results in the opportunity for a good permanent position.

Family test: Have you got the pfenning gene?

Our test for finding out whether you will feel at home in your new (work) family is easy and doesn’t take long to do.

pfenning Quiz
pfenning Quiz