FMCG: Good preparation is half the battle

Consumer goods can be fast-moving products that must be continually available on the shelf. Amongst these are articles we need daily such as food, body-care products and cleaning agents.  All of which consumers shop for frequently, spontaneously, usually routinely and without too much thought.  And for exactly the right products and quantities to be in the place where they are needed, it is important to have individualized and perfectly networked logistics.


Planning logistical processes for fast-moving goods can be quite complicated, especially when everything has to run simply, efficiently and securely.  But all these types of problem provide us with fresh new challenges: Primarily, for us, successful logistics means combining intelligent solutions with fast and systematic implementation.  It is frequently hard to maintain an overview of logistics costs and it is often even less clear if a company uses a number of suppliers in parallel for different areas along the logistics chain. Depending  on the customer’s needs, our effort is to provide the entire logistics from a single source. Logistic projects are planned and implemented in close cooperation whereby the supply chain is continually optimized. That’s why we plan logistics processes together with our customers, always to achieve a win-win situation. And always with the aim of reducing logistics costs significantly as well as creating clear and comprehensive structures.