Industrial traffic

Raw materials in – finished goods out. But of course it is not as easy as that. Modern production sites in whatever sector have many types of plant transports to deal with.  A trend in this sector is furthermore the transportation of semi-finished goods between the different production facilities. Also, there is a vast amount of works traffic within a site. Aside from the provision of the required materials, the issue of waste disposal is one we must not neglect. Quite often special vehicles are used for this kind of industrial traffic. On request, pfenning logistics can support customers in the development of optimal processes as well as procuring or developing an appropriate fleet of vehicles.

This is how we are part of your process:
  • Shuttle transportations between production sites, e.g. engines for the automobile industry

  • Works transportation, e.g. for the automobile sector or chemicals industry

  • Hauling of suppliers’ goods to the cross-docking platform, e.g. for food producers 

  • Production-warehouse transportation, warehouse -production transportation and warehouse-warehouse transportation