Transport logistics – Cross-Docking

Especially in the case of high-volume products with high inventory turnover frequency or of products with constant high sales quantities (e. g. articles always sold at a low price), it makes sense to reduce the conventional inventory warehousing to a minimum or to do without it completely. In such logistics systems, goods are pre-commissioned direct to the receipt area via a trans-shipment platform, the “cross-docking point”, for example to a branch store. Whether we are talking one-step or multi-step cross-docking, depends on whether the goods are delivered to the branch store “as packed by the supplier”, or are bundled into logistical units at the cross-docking point and issued to the branch.

This is how we are part of your process:
  • Efficiency increase in the supply of goods

  • Reduction of inventory in the whole supply chain

  • Increased sales area by reducing the inventory at POS

  • Increased availability at the POS via shorter delivery times 

  • Transport logistics cost benefits via greater utilization of trucks 

  • Fewer packing costs via consolidated shipments

  • Reduction of ramp contacts in trade branches