Tailored solutions for greater productivity

Whatever the requirements of your projects may be, we can offer the perfect solution. Our technology and software is designed to help clients optimize processes specific to their area of business. From process consulting and the implementation of operational logistics systems in the warehouse, transportation, and supply chain management to system support, your business processes will be taken care of in the best possible way. This is because we share the same goal: to increase your productivity.


Prozess Pfenning


A professional partner for your success

With years of experience, we have grown to become a respected professional partner. Today, many well-known clients rely on our expertise. We place particular importance on intensive consulting and an established approach to project management, making sure that your projects are a success from launch to the finish line. We acquire extensive understanding of your work processes first-hand, and we act on your direct feedback to permanently develop the system landscape. The scale of IT systems must remain appropriate in the future, data backup and archiving concepts need to be planned for the long term, and suitable peripheral systems such as printers, wireless data terminals, RFID components, and voice systems have to be selected and integrated. Furthermore, we push the use of cutting-edge technology after thorough testing has proven its suitability. This is done by using standardized best-practice models such as ITIL V3 – all of our IT staff members are trained and certified according to this standard. 

The services of pfenning logistics IT at a glance:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of work processes based on first-hand experience

  • Needs analysis in the actual working environment

  • Close partnership and cooperation with clients from planning and implementation to support

  • Continuous development of system landscape based on direct feedback from the market

  • Incorporation of the latest technologies which have proven their suitability after thorough testing