RETAIL: Returns – back to the beginning

“Returns” are articles not sold within a specified time window which often happens in businesses selling seasonal goods or in the classic mail order business. They are unpopular within retail and for manufacturers as they are difficult to plan for and they tie up resources. Special offers do not only lead to consumers visiting retail stores more frequently. They also – not infrequently – result in high-volume and strongly seasonally fluctuating returns that need to be managed within the scope of an efficient logistics chain. This is the point where our returns logistics solutions come into play.


We collect, for example, unsold, non-food products from the customers’ food retailing branches. After bundling, these returns are delivered via a retail warehouse to our returns handling center. On the basis of individually specified customer criteria, incoming returns are checked in the receiving area, sorted, picked and packed into new logistical units. Rejected goods are appropriately disposed while products deemed to be good are integrated into the customer’s current warehouse stock for remarketing. Thanks to this coordinated process, returns do not just get a second opportunity to be sold but can often make an important difference to profit margins in a fiercely competitive retail segment.

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From the end of 2018, pfenning logistics will expand in retail management with specialized
hall modules in a new multi-user logistics centre. The new multicube is the second multi-user logistics centre in Germany which, as a retail service provider, can also offer value-added services such as e-commerce, fulfilment and copacking for the retail sector and e-commerce. Secure one of the popular places now and contact us today.
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