Transport logistics – Fleet

Temperature controlled food transport – frozen products, self-service meat, sausage and fresh products – all place the highest demands in manpower and technology. Due to our many transports we have a national network structure as a fallback and can thus realize an efficient flow of goods each and every day. Whether you require one-way, relay, rendezvous or circuit transportation, or wherever your goods need to go – there is no region and no metropolitan area where our drivers do not arrive on a daily basis. And this is the reason whynumerous customers from the food sector have been putting their trust in us over many years.

Our qualified drivers have the know-how as well as plenty of experience in the food area. Given that maintaining cold chains and adhering to hygiene rules requires strict, pro-active quality management, we consult on HACCP concepts personally with our customers. Thus we ensure maximum safety and individuality which allows us to organize our refrigerated trucks according to individual customers’ wishes. Additional equipment – such as multi-chamber systems, double-decker loading or tail lift – is a matter of coursefor us. Just as is regular servicing and monitoring of our special trucks in selected partner vehicle repair workshops. Our fleet fulfills the highest requirements in accordance with Euro 5 and 6 standards –including those associated with environmental and emissions protection. Perfect technology, best possible service and constant monitoring mean we can guarantee on-schedule goods transport. 

Temperature classes
  • Frozen goods (-32°C to -28°C/-25.6°F to -18.4°F)

  • Meat (0°C to 2°C/32°F to 35.6°F)

  • Dairy products (5°C to 7°C/41°F to 44.6°F)

  • Fruit & vegetables (12°C to 18°C/ 53.6°F to 64.4°F)

  • Chocolate, pastries and similar (15°C to 18°C/59°F to 64.4 °F)

  • Pharma products (15°C to 25°C /59°F to 77°F) 

Transport logistics – Efficient monitoring of your products

Networked distance shipments within transport logistics require modern tracking and tracing systems in order to function efficiently. Just as we do our scheduling, so our customers can get information via our portal at any time about the current shipping status of their  goods. In combination with high performance software we can plan routes exactly and convey the relevant order data to the on-board computer on our vehicles. This means we ensure integrated documentation, control and monitoring for all shipments.