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Supply chains are complex entities. They range from purchasing to production and distribution. They should be efficient, agile and, of course, safe, and bring together countless stakeholders around the world. Costs, and therefore prices, customer satisfaction and market success all depend on your processes running smoothly. But they also come with their own pitfalls for every industry and product.

Supply chain optimisation is the high art of making intelligent supply chains smooth and profitable. What usually starts with IT systems and platform technologies must be led to tangible operational excellence by comprehensible concepts. Perfect organisation, an in-depth knowledge of the industry, innovative logistics properties and tailor-made equipment are the answers to the challenges from chemistry to food to pharmaceuticals or simple consumer goods. Whether for industrial customers, that little shop down the road or e-commerce.

Supply chain optimisers by pfenning logistics master the pitfalls of many industries and contribute to your business success with comprehensive knowledge that reaches beyond all interfaces.

Looking beyond the horizon together

Sustainable results can only be achieved together. You provide us with your framework conditions, requirements and goals. We then analyse the existing processes and look at all the participants in the supply chain to reveal the potential pitfalls. On this basis, we develop an individual concept with a solution and price that are tailored to you.

Designing efficient processes is the core business of our supply chain optimisers. Coupled with the logistics portfolio of the pfenning logistics group, you benefit from cross-industry best practice solutions.

Logistikberatung Besprechung

What does supply chain optimisation mean for you?

  • Things not running smoothly, and some of the interfaces sticking?
  • Costs getting out of hand?
  • Finding it difficult to bring in constantly changing participants?
  • Modularity and scalability by customer, product, country or season not flexible enough?
  • Are you suffering from production failures because the timing is wrong?
  • Are you struggling with procurements from regions with security challenges?
  • Is your project management suffering from a lack of resources?
  • Do you need ad hoc storage space for sensitive goods?

The list can go on and on. Because every company, every market segment, every product is so unique.

Just like our supply chain solutions.

supply chain management

Supply chain optimisation coupled with 125 years of logistics expertise is our formula for your recipe for success.


7,000 people speak your language, listen to you, develop your concept and then produce intelligent supply chain optimisations as part of your processes. To the satisfaction of your customers and your results, supplemented by a wide range of services that turn logistics into a company’s success.

That’s what we mean by a successful logistics partnership.

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