Social responsibility at the pfenning group

Corporate activities have a major impact on society. Whether it’s secure jobs, economic relationships with other companies in the region, or sustainability-oriented actions as visible contributions of successful entrepreneurial activity – the areas of application of corporate social responsibility are diverse. In this context, companies often use services provided by society as a whole, such as infrastructures, educational institutions or social systems. From customers, partners and employees to the company itself, the pfenning group is aware of its social responsibility. With a wide range of voluntary measures, pfenning contributes to sustainable, social interaction and demonstrates a social commitment that goes far beyond corporate necessity.

Society (national)

We feel connected to several regions, not only to our home region Rhine-Neckar. Thus We support municipal associations, initiatives and festivities at a large number of our subsidiaries – for example, in Monsheim near Worms, the location of our multicube rheinhessen. And it starts with the very young: a donation to the library of the Monsheim elementary school increased the available reading materials generously. This is how we could face both: the rising interest of the children as well as the lacking topicality of the books. Volunteering in the communities where our sites are located is also very important for us. As part of the multicube rheinhessen inauguration, we have equipped the volunteer fire department of Monsheim with 50 state-of-the-art helmets. Well-helmeted, the colleagues of the fire department have been going into their next missions ever since.

Society (national)

Region (regional)

Connected to the region for decades now. In our home region Rhine-Neckar we love to have an impact on positive development. With our annual Christmas donation, we support charitable initiatives and projects such like women’s shelters, food banks and other neighbourhood foundations. Acting as an enabler for the good of society, the region and the people living here, is a matter of course for us.

The promotion of clubs makes up a considerable part of our work. Especially in the area of sports, clubs in the Rhine-Neckar region support numerous children and young people from all social milieus and/or with health impairments in sports and personality-building measures to overcome challenges at school, at work, in sports, and in society. Thanks to the active support of sponsors like the pfenning group, the clubs are able to offer their protégés the best possible prospects.

Environment & Sustainability

Excellent sustainability at the pfenning group. The multicube logistics centre is a sustainable, innovative and multi-award-winning multi-user concept that has been developed in 2012. Ever since, both multicubes have been among the European top10 industrial buildings awarded with DGNB Platinum. This sustainability strategy will become the standard for all future multicube properties.

The pfenning group also stays clean when it comes to its vehicle fleet: the diesel vehicles have met the Euro 6 standard since 2013 and the fleet is being converted by the time to alternative driving technologies. The transports are being rund with a state-of-the-art telematics system. Regular driver trainings to reduce fuel consumption complete the sustainable efforts.

Ecological construction, sustainable storage, environmental-friendly transports – this sustainable triad is a self-commitment for the pfenning group.

Environment & Sustainability
Sports sponsorship

Sports sponsorship

Sports sponsorship offers a wide range of opportunities for companies to assume direct responsibility for society. The ties to top regional sports in the Rhine-Neckar region are very strong and diverse. Whether popular or competitive sports – team spirit and perseverance are key characteristics for us as a logistics company. For example, we sponsor Bundesliga teams and professional athletes as well as teams and talents in the amateur sector.

Soccer Bundesliga teams such as Mainz 05 and the multiple German ice hockey champions Adler Mannheim act as national figureheads. In the sports of tennis, golf and athletics, the pfenning group also supports regional clubs that are among the best in Germany in their disciplines. With golfer Hurly Long, pfenning logistics is even sponsoring a participant in the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. On a lower level, however, sponsorship is almost more important: a large number of local clubs have also been supported for several years, such as the female soccer players of the SG Hohensachsen.


To ensure that the working atmosphere at the pfenning group is just right, we take care of our most important resource: our employees. An optimal workplace environment, continuous training opportunities and exceptional social benefits such as the pfenning pension are part of our corporate commitment. As a company, we can count on a large number of colleagues who have been with the company for decades. With 100 locations throughout Europe, this is not something that can be taken for granted.

The basis for all guidelines and regulations in connection with ethical conduct is laid down in our pfenning group Code of Conduct. It applies to all employees working for our company and is based on international agreements and guidelines.



Based on the highest quality and safety standards, the pfenning group provides services that go far beyond classic logistics services. The innovative multi-user concept helps us to provide individual contract logistics solutions for a wide range of industries – from specialty chemicals and automotive to professional food storage. With the help of a variety of quality seals, such as ISO 9001 & 14001 or the GDP Professional certificate, we ensure that you have access to universally valid evaluation systems when meeting your requirements. Because with us, your concepts have space.

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