State-of-the-art warehouse logistics adapted to your needs

At pfenning logistics, warehouse logistics is much more than a covered area for thousands of pallet spaces – it is an innovative logistics center with state-of-the-art technologies. The large halls with their automated racking and picking systems are state-of-the-art logistics locations where individual customer solutions are produced.

The discipline of warehouse logistics is extremely diverse and requires a high level of expertise. The task of pfenning logistics is to develop and implement unique and precisely tailored logistics concepts for you and your products. From manual processes or fully automated operations to integration into existing infrastructures and the development of new logistics properties – we turn your requirements and wishes into efficient solutions. With pfenning logistics, you get customized warehouse logistics that fit perfectly into your business model and support you where you need it.

When will we become a PART OF YOUR PROCESS?

Our solutions

  • Planning and implementation of individual warehousing concepts
  • Analysis and optimization of complex warehouse logistics and warehousing processes
  • Bundling of warehousing services at one location
  • Temperature-controlled warehousing and transports
  • Different warehouses for food and pharmaceuticals
  • Warehouse logistics of hazardous substances (WGK)
  • Realization of outsourcing projects (incl. § 613a BGB)
  • Highest safety standards in warehouses
  • Highly automated warehouse logistics processes
  • Modern IT infrastructure in all warehouse areas
  • 24-hour operation, seven days a week – even on holidays
  • Construction or leasing of individually tailored logistics properties

Your added value

  • Returns management
  • Labeling / neutralization
  • Sorting / set formation
  • Labeling
  • B2B invoicing
  • Cross-docking
  • Assumption of administrative tasks, e.g., in scheduling or fleet management
  • Co-packing & material purchasing at permanently installed co-packing work areas
  • Technical services such as maintenance and repair of your materials handling equipment

Individual logistics consulting for your warehouse logistics

Around the clock, seven days a week, on a total of 750,000 square meters of logistics space in Germany – here companies find space for goods of all kinds. We deliver intelligent solutions, even if the goods must be stored under temperature-controlled conditions, are classified as hazardous goods, or are subject to the strict guidelines of food regulations. Food conformity in all areas of food logistics is just as much a matter of course for us as the use of IT. It enables end-to-end control of warehouse and distribution processes and makes goods movements so transparent that shipments can be traced down to item level.
Warehouse logistics and warehouse management also play important roles in the area of contract logistics. Contract logistics is not just about cutting costs. Rather, we want to create an integrated logistics solution that makes processes more efficient overall.

Flexibly available warehouse logistics space nationwide

Do you want to outsource complete logistics processes in the beauty, fashion, specialty chemicals or automotive sectors? Or do you just want to use certain modules of our wide-ranging supply chain offering? pfenning logistics has extensive experience and options. In all major key industries, and certainly in yours as well. We operate multi-user warehousing at various award-winning warehouse locations in the Rhine-Neckar region, as well as dedicated locations upon customer request. Through efficiency and maximum reliability, we can simplify many things in supply chains and logistical processes. We deliberately focus on integrated solutions and offer consulting, conception, supply chain optimization and implementation from a single source.

Why pfenning logistics?

  • Contract logistics
  • Family business
  • Full-service provider
  • Sustainability
  • Real estate concept
  • Competence+
  • Industry diversity
  • Transport logistics
lagerlogistik logistikberatung

Logistics consulting is at the beginning of every project and is one of our core competencies.

lagerlogistik value added services

A wide range of value-added services are part of our warehouse logistics offering.

Lagerlogistik Logistikzentrum

Discover our state-of-the-art logistics centers across Europe.

Talk to our warehouse logistics specialists today to find your customised solution.

Our procedure

Management Logistikberatung

Analysis and strategic planning

management ogistikkonzeption

Intelligent realization


Sustainable future design

Outsourcing logistics: Your advantages and efficiency gains

As a subarea of corporate logistics, warehouse logistics encompasses all processes related to the planning, control and monitoring of warehouse and transport operations. The perfect integration of service modules through logistics outsourcing creates advantages in several respects. By outsourcing complementary warehouse logistics services, you can achieve efficiency gains right from the start: Because while you gain resources for your core business, delivery and production processes become leaner.

When it comes to these extensive and usually complex processes, pfenning logistics offers an all-around package for your company as a full-service provider of supply chain solutions. Our experts analyze your existing logistics processes and identify possible optimization approaches. When it comes to these optimizations, whether it’s renting a new warehouse or modernizing your IT infrastructure, we support you from start to finish. In addition, we offer a variety of innovative warehouse concepts that will take your warehouse logistics to the next level. How far you want to extend your workbench with pfenning logistics is entirely up to you. Since decades, we have industry expertise as a warehouse logistics company in the retail, chemical, FMCG, automotive, pharmaceutical and other industries.

This flexible concept makes it possible to tailor any optimization specifically to the company in question. In addition, you maintain great flexibility over costs and resources.

Warehouse logistics solutions from the full-service provider of supply chain solutions


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Our Awards

Warehouse logistics solutions from the full-service provider in all industries

Whether electrical appliances, cosmetics, furniture, textiles and much more – logistics fulfilment for the consumer goods market is one of pfenning logistics’ core competencies. Through our total of 100 locations, we offer manufacturers, retailers, webshop operators or start-ups suitable logistics solutions for the B2B and B2C sectors – as a complete service or for individual tasks.

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Food logistics is one of our strengths – especially since the company’s roots go back 125 years, when the founder bought the first truck to transport milk. With these decades of experience, we have developed into the top 3 company for food contract logistics in Germany. Today, we drive to all major food retailers and discounters.

Temperature-controlled HACCP storage and IFS-certified food delivery are part of our corporate DNA. Quality and freshness are at the heart of our refrigeration expertise.

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Storing, checking, picking and transporting – without logistics, no goods reach the shop and no Internet order reaches the consumer. Our contract logistics offer the right fulfilment solution for every product range and every sales channel. And if something comes back, these returns are also given a new chance thanks to our efficient returns management. And that not only makes the supplier happy, but also the environment.

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No risks and no side effects – this is what pharmaceutical contract logistics from the pfenning group stands for. Storage, handling and transport – including those of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products in various temperature ranges – are carried out on the basis of the current GDP recertification 2021. We offer our customers individual and unique, logistical combinations of active ingredients that pay off immediately.

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We not only deliver logistics, but also solve special tasks relating to products and processes in the automotive and industrial sectors. Our industry-specific value-added services complement our proven logistics services and make us a premium partner in contract logistics.

Short distances, on-site expertise – we are not only on the spot for our customers, but with one of our approximately 110 locations, we are often right outside their factory gates.

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With the pfenning group, the chemistry is right. Because we know the requirements for the storage, handling and transport of environmentally hazardous, flammable, corrosive or toxic substances. Particularly in this industry, it is important to have a partner with expertise in logistics outsourcing. The fact that we, as a 3pl partner, can offer this to our customers from the chemical industry on an equal footing is proven by the industry-specific and safety-related approvals as well as the protective measures that we consistently and successfully implement for all areas of chemical logistics – from the storage of hazardous goods to the transport of speciality chemicals.

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    FAQs about warehouse logistics

    Warehouse logistics is a central part of the entire logistics chain and refers to the organization, planning and control of processes related to the putaway, storage, picking and retrieval of goods. The aim is to organize warehouse movements efficiently and smoothly to ensure the availability and fast deliveries.

    Warehouse logistics provides a range of services, including receiving inspection, putaway, warehousing, picking, packing and retrieval. In addition, it often includes services such as inventory management, returns management and quality control.

    A logistics service provider is a company that offers services related to logistics. This can include transportation, warehousing, packaging, picking, and many other aspects of the supply chain. Some logistics service providers also offer specialized services such as customs clearance, transportation insurance, or supply chain management.

    Logistics services refer to all activities associated with the movement and storage of goods from their point of origin to their destination. This can include planning and execution of transportation, storage, warehousing, inventory management, packaging, picking, and delivery.

    A full-service logistics provider offers a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of logistics. This can range from procurement, warehousing and transportation to delivery and customer service. The aim is to provide customers with an all-round service and help them optimize and simplify their supply chain processes.

    pfenning logistics is not just a logistics service provider, but a full-service partner for your entire supply chain. We offer customised, innovative solutions for every challenge – from warehousing to order picking to delivery. With our modern, automated warehouse facilities and dedicated team of logistics experts, we strive to deliver the best possible service quality and efficiency. In addition, our services include contract logistics, which means that we form lasting partnerships with our customers to meet and continuously improve the complex requirements of the modern supply chain.

    pfenning logistics offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing your warehouse logistics. Our team of experts will first analyze your existing processes and identify areas for potential improvement. This may involve warehouse layout planning, inventory management, picking procedures, the flow of goods, or the use of warehouse technologies.

    Then, based on this analysis, we develop customised solutions that are tailored to your company’s specific requirements and goals. In doing so, we rely on proven methods and state-of-the-art technologies to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

    But we go one step further: as a full-service provider, we not only implement the proposed optimizations, but also continuously monitor their performance to ensure that they achieve the desired results and integrate seamlessly into your entire supply chain. Our goal is to provide you with a future-proof, scalable and high-performance warehouse logistics solution that promotes your business.