Transport logistics – Procurement logistics

In today’s world, procurement logistics holds a key position. In a time when markets are noticeably drawing closer together and pressure from global competitors often leaves little or no room for price fluctuations in the sales market, a steady flow of goods is essential.  The task for modern procurement logistics is to plan and control raw materials, auxiliary supplies and operating materials as well as conventional commercial merchandise. Here the path extends from the supplier of the goods to the receipt of merchandise at the different production warehouses or even direct to the appropriate production line. pfenning logistics helps its customers achieve the goals they set themselves in procurement management.


We take care of customer security of supply on a daily basis and continually monitor goods and other articles for accuracy. By this means our customers achieve high-level supplier flexibility – and at the same time reduce their warehousing costs. 

This is how we are part of your process:
  • Collection of vendor parts and raw materials from suppliers

  • Transportation to materials warehouse

  • Carrying out goods receipt control 

  • Warehousing or direct delivery to our customers’ production

  • Outsourcing or shipment to the production site or consumption point, “just in time” (JIT) or “just in sequence” (JIS) by request

  • Control of materials warehouse

  • Materials purchasing and materials management

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