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The mobility industry is one of the three key industries in Germany and a core technological competence of the German economy. With specialised logistics solutions, from production supply to warehouse stocking and parts sequencing to plant logistics and process management for the SKD partial production of vehicles, pfenning logistics opens up the possibility for automotive and industrial companies to concentrate fully on their core business. For many years, pfenning logistics has operated numerous warehousing and distribution centres as a contract logistics partner to the mobility industry. In addition to classic logistics services such as goods storage, order picking and dispatch, we also provide individual value-added services such as JIS series sequencing, JIT delivery to assembly lines or factory transports with special trailers. Our clients are renowned manufacturers of motor and commercial vehicles, specialised companies in electromobility as well as producers of agricultural machinery and industrial trucks.

Warehouse and extended workbench in one

With the receipt, handling and removal from storage of purchased and finished parts as well as the simultaneous booking of all goods movements, we effectively relieve the internal logistics of the factory. The commissioning, labelling and packaging of finished parts as well as the loading and securing of special load carriers are also part of our service contract. With our own equipment and personnel, we also guarantee a direct and secure JIS and JIT supply of parts and components to assembly lines.

In the process, we act as an extended workbench: our experts are just as much in demand for activities such as welding, drilling, punching or sawing as they are for purchasing raw materials.

Service engine for engines

We also have special expertise in the logistics of what is probably the most important part of the vehicle: the engine and its components. We unload containers in the inland port, transfer the engines delivered in sea packaging into engine load carriers at the plant and store them close to the plant until they are called off by production. As soon as they are needed, we take care of the sequencing according to the order as well as the JIS loading and delivery of the engines to production.
As a logistics provider, we not only deliver engines and parts to assembly lines, but also discharge parts and assemblies – for example, semi-finished vehicles.

Factory logistics and JIT/JIS complete supply

Complete customer service, logistics without limits – pfenning logistics can do that too. Day and night, seven days a week thanks to official weekend approval, with just under 160 tractor vehicles and around 230 trailers and semi-trailers in special construction, we keep the production supply of an entire car plant running.

At the production plant itself, our logistics experts ensure smooth processes. Acceptance of goods from regional forwarding agents, collection of customs goods and storage of parts in the logistics areas of the plant are also part of the service, as are repacking, order picking of parts and assemblies and delivery in the correct order to the assembly lines – several 10,000 parts a day “just-in-sequence”.

Spare parts as logistical added value

Especially in times of volatile supply chains, regional warehousing of spare parts offers added security. In addition to the classic logistics activities, we offer customer-specific commissioning, the loading and unloading of containers and the international shipment of spare parts. Our range of services also allows us to take on additional services for the customer at short notice, such as pre-assembly of assemblies, kitting of components into sets, relabelling and neutralisation of goods and containers, or the individual or situational adaptation of delivery concepts.

Contract logistics for mobility and industry – pfenning logistics offers you versatile, individual, scalable and of course economical solutions beyond the examples presented. True to the self-image of our company owner Karl-Martin Pfenning: “Can’t be done – doesn’t exist!” Feel free to contact us!

Spare parts logistics: secure supply instead of downtime

As a leading contract logistics service provider in Germany, pfenning logistics group offers a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of the storage, management and logistics of spare parts. Several logistics centres, integrated into a network of almost 100 locations in Germany, ensure comprehensive and rapid spare parts availability. Storage, handling and shipping technology, value-added services, packaging and labelling solutions, delivery concepts, domestic and international shipping including customs clearance – everything can be tailored to parts- and customer-specific requirements and offers optimal fulfilment. Renowned car manufacturers use the spare parts logistics expertise of pfenning logistics – and automotive suppliers and a wide range of mechanical engineering sectors can also use us to ensure efficient, professional and reliable spare parts availability and thus keep their machines and processes running. Because no one can afford downtime!

Outsourcing without risk, security of supply with guarantee

As a family-run company, pfenning logistics group offers the security of a contract logistics partner with more than 125 years of experience. Consistent investments in innovative technologies, the continuous qualification of employees, standardised and stable processes as well as the highest flexibility and reliability in the implementation of customer-specific requirements make us your ideal partner for the risk-free outsourcing of your spare parts logistics. Take care of your core business – we support you with our core competence around the secure supply of spare parts.

You can rely on these advantages

  • Risk minimisation through lower capital commitment
  • Minimisation of costs & personnel expenditure
  • Constantly growing know-how of a specialised logistics partner
  • Maximum flexibility in adjusting deadlines and quantities (no dependence on seasonal fluctuations)
  • Tailor-made, professional value added services and logistics solutions (e.g. KIT and SET education)
  • Exploiting performance and cost synergies

Every minute of downtime costs money. As an experienced contract logistics service provider, pfenning logistics offers partners from a wide range of industries individual solutions. Is pfenning logistics’ professional spare parts logistics also something for your company? Take the self-check now and let us become part of your processes too!

You too can rely on our integrated logistics and value-added solutions in the automotive and industrial sectors.

Supply means responsibility: we can do more than "just" logistics

Diverse value-added services expand the comprehensive range of services offered by pfenning logistics. Together with our partners Metallbau Nick & SONIMA, specialised value-added services are provided for production preparation. In some cases, we purchase required basic materials throughout Europe on our own responsibility and prepare them in terms of production technology. For example, tubular profiles used in car body construction are already sawn to length and spot-welded in the specialised automotive warehouse. Such specialisation goes far beyond the service spectrum of a normal logistics service provider. This is what distinguishes logistics management and value-added services at pfenning logistics in the automotive and industrial sectors. As a result, we have been serving as an extended workbench for our customers for many years.

  • Taking over production and assembly work
  • Specialised warehouses for automotive and industrial logistics
  • Procurement, manufacture and assembly of finished parts or components
  • Quality assurance with extensive know-how as an automotive logistics specialist
  • Distribution, precise delivery, just-in-time, just-in-sequence

Use our great expertise and high flexibility as your extended workbench – get to know the added value of our automotive and industrial logistics for your company!

Metallbau Nick GmbH

With the construction of steel pipes, sheet metal and special profiles made of aluminium, the 80 or so specialised employees form the extended workbench for our customers. This creates decisive competitive advantages, especially in the automotive and industrial sectors. Even with smaller quantities, the high flexibility of Metallbau Nick GmbH is an absolute success factor. The core competences of the metal construction company include manufacturing, product refinement and equipment production.

  • Customised conception, planning and production
  • Individual and series production
  • CAD designs
  • uvm.


The SONIMA Group specialises in individual logistics and supply chain solutions as well as value-added services for the entire mobility industry. The range of services is diverse and includes CNC machining in addition to assembly into subassemblies, industrial parts cleaning, repackaging and quality controls. The raw parts required for the supply chain expert’s services are delivered by overseas suppliers, final assembled on site and then prepared for delivery. As an operational partner, SONIMA works with you to develop concepts that optimise your value chains from both a quality and cost perspective as well as from the aspects of IT and data management. With branches in Germany, Sweden, Hungary and Poland, short distances are guaranteed. To you too?

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